The Billy Goat PL2501SPH is a self-propelled aerator benefiting from best in class finger responsive controls and hydro-drive with variable speed. The premium lawn aerator is powered by a Honda GX200 OHV engine and the wide 64cm / 25" working width can aerate up to 4000m2 per hour. The 6 hardened tines are cam-driven and creates 2-10 times more holes in a single pass than a standard drum aerator. This also enables the PL2501SPH to repair patches and prep a seed bed in one pass.

Billy Goat PL2501SPH features:

  • Honda 196CC GX200 OHV engine
  • Self-propelled with hydro-drive and variable speed
  • 64cm / 25" working width
  • 4000m2 / 43055sq.ft per hour aeration rate
  • 7cm tine depth
  • 6 tensile hardened screw in tines
  • Reciprocating cam-driven aeration
  • User-friendly controls
  • Foot operated EZ Drop™ tine system
  • In-ground steering
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Water weight tank
  • Flip up hood for easy maintenance

The PL2501SPH has been designed for maximum production and minimum user fatigue. The steering is light enough to manoeuvre with fingertips and powered along by the variable speed drive. There is a water weight tank positioned directly above tines for extra traction and downward pressure.  The patent pending EZ Drop™ tine system is operated by a foot pedal and lifts and lowers the tines for easy transportation. The aerator offers forward and reverse aeration with ‘in-ground’ steering which allows the aerator to turn without lifting the tines.


  • Engine: Honda GX200 OHV engine
  • Engine spec: 196cc, 6.5hp, 4.9kW
  • Drive: Self Propelled
  • Transmission: Hydro-drive variable speed
  • Working Width: 64cm / 25"
  • Tine depth: 7cm
  • Tines: 6 Reciprocating Cam
  • Tine Pattern: 6.5cm x 19cm
  • Wheel: Semi-pneumatic tyre
  • Length: 170cm
  • Width: 89cm
  • Height: 117cm
  • Weight: 197kg

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Billy Goat PL2501SPH Self Propelled Lawn Aerator

  • Brand: Billy Goat
  • Product Code: BGPL2501SPH
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Our Price: £5,590.00

  • RRP: £6,000.00
  • You save: £410.00

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